Zhen April 10, 2013
I am one of Lisa's clients since from 2004-2009. Due to the nature of my job, i travel quite a bit. Now that i move back to Cupertino. I am so glad to hear from my friend told me that Lisa has opened a new skin care spa in Saratoga.

Last Saturday, I came back to see Lisa for a facial collagen treatment. Lisa used a new equipment for me that made a huge difference. It was a very pleasant experience with her. When Lisa performed the deep cleaning on my face, I didn't feel any pain. I have a lot black head on my face. This new treatment gave me a refreshed, shinny and spotless face. On top of that, i received a free Photon LED Skin Rejuvenation Treatment when i purchased a Sothy's Hydravance Serum product from her. My husband was very impressed with Lisa's work after he saw me at home.

The facial room is super clean with the new remodel. The colorful design in each room pairing with relaxing music
 Lisa's facial treatment prices have been the same since 2004. I will definitely go back more often and I highly recommend Lisa's service to anyone who is looking for an upscale and effective facial treatments.
                   Kelly   May 8,2013  

My name is Kelly, I am over 40 years old, In 2006, I had some skin problem, some redness spots and many acne around my face and my neck  for many years.

I didn’t believe in facial and skin treatments until I meet Lisa. Lisa is fantastic, Lisa is amazing...Lisa is wonderful!  First, her office is in a great location, is cozy and tranquil and is extremely inviting and private.  She took time to get to know me and what my concerns were with my skin.  Then began the most relaxing and rejuvenating hour of a cleansing, scrubs, masks, and treatment.  The conversation was energetic and fabulous.  Lisa's skin speaks volumes about her knowledge of skincare!  After the first facial treatment that Lisa used on me works, and my face looks clean, redness spot getting improve, the acne on my face are getting less. For the home care, lisa recommend sothys produce to use for clean my face daily.

Since 2006 till now, my skin is smooth without any problem, my face is clear, acne free, only a little light redness spot. I am continue to see Lisa on a regular base. I also continue use the Sothys produce.  Thank you Lisa, I highly recommend Lisa for everyone who has skin problem like me.


              Yukiko M 7/28/2013

I scheduled my collagen facial treatment with Lisa and I am very happy with the result.

I have very sensitive dry skin and am always scared of my skin reaction when I use new products. However, the products Lisa uses are very gentle for skin and so my skin did not have any negative reaction at all.  There are several steps during the facial but the most important  thing I would like to mention is extraction. I  hate somebody pokes my skin to do extraction (some  places do this and it is very painful!). However, Lisa uses spacial equipment  for this and so I did not feel any pain during extraction. I should also mention that her massage technique is superb!! I felt in asleep easily during massage.
Immediately after the facial my face is clean, clear and soft.   Thank you Lisa!  
I highly recommend this place.  Lisa offers Great techniques and Great  service


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